Whole30 Final Update

With less than a week left till the end of my Whole30 Challenge I just wanted to update you all. I’m sorry I only posted 14 days of Whole30 but I felt like half was enough to give you all a good idea (I also got really bored of photographing my food!) and to help me stay on track. 

Eating healthy can sometimes be a struggle, and its so easy to just give up or convince our selves that we can’t do it so whats the point right?! But I want to say that healthy eating isn’t about a month of being good or even 3, or starting next Monday or at the beginning of the month, its about making every single meal and snack count. If you mess up at breakfast then start at lunch if you mess up and eat cake don’t think “I’ve failed, I can’t do this” and have another slice.

Focus on the future, focus on the next step and don’t think that you can achieve what you want, KNOW it. 

And of course make sure you treat your self to something from time to time. 

Wish you all the best & stay tuned for some more recipes 🙂 



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