Whole30 Final Update

With less than a week left till the end of my Whole30 Challenge I just wanted to update you all. I’m sorry I only posted 14 days of Whole30 but I felt like half was enough to give you all a good idea (I also got really bored of photographing my food!) and to help me stay on track. 

Eating healthy can sometimes be a struggle, and its so easy to just give up or convince our selves that we can’t do it so whats the point right?! But I want to say that healthy eating isn’t about a month of being good or even 3, or starting next Monday or at the beginning of the month, its about making every single meal and snack count. If you mess up at breakfast then start at lunch if you mess up and eat cake don’t think “I’ve failed, I can’t do this” and have another slice.

Focus on the future, focus on the next step and don’t think that you can achieve what you want, KNOW it. 

And of course make sure you treat your self to something from time to time. 

Wish you all the best & stay tuned for some more recipes 🙂 



Day 14 of Whole30



Breakfast: Egg+banana Pancake topped with berries and toasted nutts.  

Lunch: Paleo Stuffed Peppers and Salad 

Dinner: Big bowl of fruit salad. 

Snack: One too many dates. 

Work out: 45 mins NTC. 

Day 13 of Whole30

Breakfast: Sweet potato pancakes. 

Lunch: Stir fry with chicken. 

Dinner: Beef Patty with salad, guacamole and Salsa. 

Snack: Strawberry’s and (coconut) cream topped with homemade unsweetened granola. 




Day 12 of Whole30

Today was rather hectic so my food choices weren’t as great as they could have been. However I did fit in a wonderful Nike Training club (NTC app)  workout at home which was really good. (600 cals burnt in 45 mins woop!) 



Breakfast: DELICIOUS Paleo pancakes 😀 

Lunch: I ordered a chicken salad at a restaurant and it was very bad so I didn’t eat much. By the time I got home I was starving. I had an apple while I cooked some food. 

Dinner: Baked Chicken breast, a baked sweet potato and a tomato.

Snack: Fruit salad and coconut milk 


Day 11 of Whole30


Breakfast: Scrambled eggs, with mushrooms, tomatoes, spinach and salmon.

Lunch:  Left over Turkey steak with broccoli and homemade Pesto. 

Dinner: King Prawn & Salmon with watercress salad. 

Snack: Banana, Fresh fig, Melon. 

Day 10 of Whole30

Today I woke up feeling lethargic. It only got worse after breakfast, by the time I got to the gym I was feeling faint and down. I pushed through my workout but realised it was the lack off fruit so I’m bringing back a serving or two of fruit a day as i’d rather have the energy to have a good workout and to feel positive. So guess what I had for lunch when I got home…? 😉 


Breakfast:  Spinach, mushroom, tomato and pastrami with 2 eggs. 

Lunch:  Banana, pecans, fresh Fig, coconut flakes and 2 Tablespoons of coconut milk 

Dinner:  Balsamic turkey steak, broccoli, spinach and a tomato 

Snack: Pecans, half avocado, slice of pastrami. 

So with some with some fruit in my tum tum I then had an epsom salt bath, slapped some sliced cucumbers on my face and believe it or not after that everything was better! 🙂

Day 9 of Whole30

I decided I’ve been eating a bit too much fruit lately. So i’m going to “try” and cut it out for a few days then go one day with fruit (sort of carb cycling-ish). The gym wasn’t easy today either 😦 I always feel like I have such a long way to go with my upper body strength, but bad days always pass.


Breakfast: Scrambled Eggs, Smoked salmon, olives and tomatos 

Lunch: Leftover beef stew

Dinner: King prawn, salmon, capers and green leaf salad. 

Snack: Pastrami, Avocado and some pistachios.